Healthy Relationships (Interpersonal Effectiveness)

Ostracism recovery requires a real physical friend, acceptance within a network of live people, and a place in the social order. Some ostracized people might feel like this is impossible to obtain for themselves. I want to encourage you that no matter how bleak your situation feels it will get better. You are not going to feel hurt and lonely forever. You will be able to make positive changes for yourself a little bit at a time, and that will assist you in making new friends.

Learn Nonverbals

93% of the messages we send are perceived based on nonverbal communication, according to "Psychology Today." Studies show that people who are able to read, understand, and correctly respond to nonverbal social cues are more likely to develop positive peer relationships and avoid ostracism.

Set Boundaries

Healthy boundaries can save a few relationships and prevent some forms of ostracism. Perhaps you experienced ostracism due to unhealthy boundaries with yourself or other people. Or, perhaps you were ostracized after setting boundaries with someone who did not respect or love you. Don't let ostracism cause you compromise values that are important.

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